Services for Employers

At Lawyer Perth we understand you may be a business owner employing your first employee? Are you seeking assistance with drafting employment contracts when hiring new employees? We would also recommend that you see our commercial law team at Lawyer Perth about corporate structure. Or are you seeking advice on the correct procedures to implement when terminating an employee lawfully? At Lawyer Perth, we offer services to employers to assist with these issues and many more.

1. Employment Contracts and Policies- At Lawyer Perth we can assist with drafting bespoke employment contracts for your needs to help protect your business from being exposed to risks. The Employment Law Team at Lawyer Perth can also assist with preparing workplace policies and procedures which in turn can help protect your business from discrimination claim and unfair dismissal claims. We can draft policies and procedures in relation to Performance Management Policies, Anti-harassment and anti-bullying policies, drug and alcohol policies, permitted leave policies, grievance and dispute resolution policies or other customised policies your business requires in order to operate effectively.

2. Termination of Employment- The Employment Law team at Lawyer Perth can assist with advising on the correct way to terminate an employee's employment and can assist with the preparation of any termination of employment notices, procedural guideline policies for management to follow for the termination of employees, or merely with general advice to you in this area. It is particularly important that business correctly terminate employment because a business can be exposed to various claims if done improperly; including unfair dismissal claims, general protections or discrimination claims.

3. Redundancy and Business Restructure- At Lawyer Perth, our Employment Law Team can assist with outlining to you the relevant steps to follow when enacting a successful redundancy or business restructure. This may include assisting with transferring your employees to other departments of your business, advising on systems to minimise claims being brought against your business by dissatisfied employees and negotiating with the employees themselves should any issues be raised with your business in respect of the redundancy.

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