Services for Employees

Have you recently been unfairly dismissed from your employment? Or are you being discriminated against or bullied in your workplace? At Lawyer Perth we can assist you by clearly outlining your rights so you have an informed view at the forefront of your matter.

At Lawyer Perth, we provide Employment Law Services to Employees to assist with the following:-

1. Unfair Dismissals- i.e.- you have been dismissed from your employment unfairly during a period outside that of any probationary period.

2. Redundancy- i.e.- you have recently been made redundant from your employment. Once you have been informed that you have been made redundant, at Lawyer Perth we can assist you with informing you of your rights in terms of whether you should claim any redundancy pay entitlements from your employer or whether you are required to continue working for any period of time following your notice of redundancy.

3. Employee Entitlements and Contract Review- If you are commencing new employment, at Lawyer Perth we can assist with undertaking a review of your employment contract to advise you of any risks. This includes (but by no means is limited to) ensuring the contract meetings the minimum lawful requirements as set in the National Employment Standards, advising about any probationary periods and ensuring the hours of work and employment conditions are lawful.

4. Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment- This may include sexual harassment, general bullying, pregnancy and family or carer's responsibilities, age or sex discrimination, racial discrimination, disability discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination as well as other types of discrimination. If you consider that you are being discriminated against, bullied or harassed by your employer or other staff at your workplace, at Lawyer Perth we can assist with clearly outlining your rights and considering your version of events to advise whether you have an actionable claim against your employer in respect of discrimination, bullying or harassment.

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