Debt Recovery

Lawyer Perth understand that when you or your business is owed money, you may think first of going to a debt recovery agency. Lawyers are usually thought of as costly and unnecessary. However, with the right choice, may be using Lawyer Perth as it can be a much more cost effective way to recover your debt - At Lawyer Perth, recovery of a debt doesn't have to be expensive.

With experience and expertise, Lawyer Perth can recover your debts, even with the most resistant debtors. Unlike a debt recovery agency, we can take a matter to court without the middleman (and the extra cost that comes with it). By engaging Lawyer Perth, you show your debtors that you are serious about recovery. People with experience of avoiding payment of debts are less well equipped to deal with Lawyer Perth than a debt recovery agency.

At Lawyer Perth, we understand that cash flow is the lifeblood of a successful business operation. Our debt recovery procedure will ensure that profit owed to you is put back into your hands speedily and at minimal cost to you. In some cases, recovering a debt may only require us to issue a letter of demand; in others, it will be necessary to go through a court.

Lawyer Perth can help with whatever requirements your situation demands, with many of our services available on a fixed-fee basis. Lawyer Perth offer a free quick consultation to appraise your debt and to see if it's worth your time and money for us to pursue it. Sometimes a debtor will refuse to pay even when there is a court order against them. It then becomes necessary to take further measures, like obtaining a court orders against their income or property. Lawyer Perth can professionally take the debt recovery process as far as it needs to go, always with the end in mind of recovering as much of your money as possible whilst giving you serious value for money.

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