Lawyer Perth understands, Commercial Law contracts and agreements are the backbone of the commercial arrangement you have with someone. Whether that is your business partner, your supplier or customer the contract provides the rights and obligations of each respective party.

The common pitfall in commercial law is to rely on your trust and relationship with the other party. A sense that the other person will do the "right thing". At Lawyer Perth we realise that too often friends and family entering into business fail to realise the significance of ensuring that the rights and obligations of each party is clearly defined. In the commercial world, the only person you should be concerned about is yourself!

If an agreement is not drafted properly to include the obligations of each party, it can be the subject of lengthy and costly litigation. Sometimes a poorly drafted clause can lead to years and hundreds of thousands in legal costs.

It is therefore imperative that you see the team and Lawyer Perth to assist you drafting the contract and undertaking a comprehensive review of any contract or business agreement you intend to execute.

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